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Too many things to do, I gotta keep improving my art skills, but there are too many things to attend to. Gotta keep my GPA over 3.5, gotta turn things on time.

I can't wait to graduate, I need some stress-free time for myself.

I've got to keep pushing.
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Hey there, been a while since my last entry, just passing by to say that everything's going good, I'm determined to keep drawing and work my ass off to do this, I hope you guys witness some progress from piece to piece.

That's all, hope everybody's doing great!

And to put a fire under your asses I'll leave you with this phrase from Aristotle: "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."
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Hello guys, it's been a long time since my last entry, ive been busy with a few works from people, it's weird, i never thought id be getting works this early haha, but anyway, im trying to use every free time lapse i have to practice, draw, share my work with people, i fall in love with digital art more and more as time goes by, i hope someday in the future i can really make a living of this because i love learning this and experimenting and finally doing something i like, its a fun thing, i really enjoy the whole proccess. I have my mind set that i'll keep working hard, ill buy some art books and learn my way, sucks that i dont have a better computer but this one im using will have to do until it blows up or i get a new one.

Have a nice day!
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Hello there guys, i've been kinda inactive over here but at least not because of bad reasons, so i got my Wacom Bamboo a few weeks ago and i've been drawing like crazy, practicing and even making some money with it, but because of school i haven't been able to fully dedicate time to make a digital piece to post it here, so after this weekend i finally finish the semester so ill have like a month free so i will be able to make some more work and start posting on here, i'm really happy with the product itself, the sensitivity is amazing and the nibs wear out slower than i thought, so everything is good!.

I'll see you all again this Saturday hopefully :D.

Have a nice day wherever you are!.
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Feeling kinda excited waiting for this christmas, im planning on saving some money to finally get a Wacom Bamboo, i think this will be a really huge step, its something i've been wanting to do for a really long time, im very interested in the digital arts area, i wish the university im going was more advanced and had more digital-related things, i guess ill have to learn this on my own and try to apply some of my traditional knowledge on that stuff.

Have a nice day everybody!.
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Ive been a bit unispired lately, maybe is because of school, or the economical problems hitting my family, those two factors dont let me think of much things to do, but im going to finish 2 unfinished works i had stopped. I spent these days playing videogames which never becomes boring to me haha.

But i know i cant stop drawing, practice is the key :).

Have a nice day everybody.
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I've been very busy this summer with all these assignments and things, but i try to make time to keep drawing, ill do my best to keep doing it and dont stop, i just feel the need to keep practising to improve my skills, i wish i could do some digital works but unfortunately i cant do much until i change my computer.

With my photography i havent done much things lately cause im kind of broke :XD: i need a few things but i cant afford them right now, so im just waiting till i earn some money, meanwhile im just working with the things i have in my reach.

Thats whats new guys, not much as you can see, i hope you're all having a good time :)
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I gotta apologize my innactivity caused by my lack of camera :(, i sold it in november, since then ive trying to save money to get a nikon D90, which hopefully im getting this week, so im pretty excited that finally im back on the track, ill do my best to keep uploading photos since im starting college too in feb. so its gonna be kinda hard but ill try it.

Have a great day :)
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well i didnt know a title for it as you can see, lately im being kinda busy with college , a lot of drawings and thing like that, plus my camera's lens screwed up just when im putting it for sale, it doesnt focus on auto, it does a CRAPPY SCARY sound that you wish never hear on your camera :XD:. So im aiming to buy a nikon d90, lets see how much time does it takes to me to get it. Ill be uploading some of my last photos each little break i have, i hope you understand and keep visitng my space :).

Take care ppl, i hope somebody read this otherwise ill look like im crazy talking alone :( :XD:.
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Wassup ppl, i hope youre all doing great!.Well, these days im just going to motorssports events and things like that, im hoping soon to try new things like portraits and more social shots. But i cant deny i love these racing events.

Ill try not to abandon my gallery and keep uploading something weekly if i can. I hope you like my work and if you see something you dont like and you think i cant fix it, dont wait to tell it to me :).

Have a great day friends.

Wladimir Matos R.
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Hello again ppl, im a little away from deviant again cause college assignments got me a lot busy these days, i've edited some photos ive taken, but got no time to upload them. :(

Im excited about an event that Redbull is making next May 23, its gonna be an exhibition of one of their Formula 1 cars going through a 2km part of the street, im really excited cause its gonna be the first time i see a forumula 1/car event personally, ill do my best cause i know that inspiration will come by itselft that day. :XD:

Have a GREAT week :D
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Thanks everybody who visits my gallery, thanks for the support and the favs :D, more work coming!.

Next sunday there's gonna be a Track Day Activity so im going over there to take some photos. You will see them over here, so keep visiting!.

Have a nice day! :D
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Finally got my Sony A200, and im very happy with the photos im taking, i know im learning but i think im on the right way, i'll be uploading photos here, i hope daily :)

so i hope you like the photo im being uploading this last days.!

see you al later!

Estamos vivos aun

Wed Nov 11, 2009, 4:22 AM
So im a little lost lately with my creations and photos bcuz college got me 100% busy :(..but soon i will upload some new stuff.

Now im saving for a DSLR camera, im thinking of a Sony A200, thats my goal.But im really anxious about selling my A590 first :(.

EDIT:A590IS SOLD!! :D im excited bcuz now i can give the next step!..


He estado perdido ultimamente con mis creaciones y fotos por la universidad que me tiene 100% ocupado :(..pero pronto subire nuevo material :D.

Ahora mismo estoy ahorrando para una DSLR, estoy pensando en una Sony A200, esa es mi meta.Pero estoy realmente ansioso por vender mi A590 primero para reunir lo que me falta.

EDIT:A590 IS VENDIDA!!estoy emocionado porque ya puedo dar el siguiente paso!..

Really Cool This Journal Skin :D!!!

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Well i got good news!!.finally i got my new camera!!! very happy with it, is a Canon Powershot A590 IS, and im learning how to use it..i'll upload some photos that i took :D.


Bueno tengo buenas noticias...finalmente tengo mi nueva camara!!..estoy muy contendo y satisfecho con una Canon Powershot A590 IS, ahora mismo estoy aprendiendo a utilizarla y dominar sus diferentes modos y opciones, mas tarde subire unas fotos que some :D

Tambien estoy pensando volver a las firmas..ya que porfin tendre un break de la universidad para dedicarme en lleno a eso que siempre he querido dominar, que por cierto nunca tuve mucha creatividad haciendolas pero ya veremos :D

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Hola a Todos!!..tengo un tiempo sin entrar por aqui ya que empece en la universidad y he estado realmente ocupado..tengo un tiempo sin hacer devs,pero pronto hare nuevas creaciones!..asi que nos vemos luego :P...

PD:no se porque pero me borraron unos devs :(..segun me dice el mensaje fue por violacion de derechos :XD:..ahora tendre que hacer mis propias creaciones lol :XD:


Hello everybody!..i had a time without getting over here because i just started class in university and im really busy right now..i have a loong time without show new creations,but soon i'll do some new see you later :P..

PD:i dont know why,but recently some of mine devs have been deleted..according to the message they send me they say it was because of ''Copyright Violation'' now i will have to make my own ''creations''..

see you later :p
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Saludos a todos!!..he estado un poco perdido por aqui debido a que he tenido problemas con mi disco duro puedo abrir Ps ni nada por el estilo porque se pone muy lento :s..pero creo que ya casi estoy comprando otro nuevo!..asi que los vere luego :D


Hello Everybody..i have been a  bit lost these last days..that was because im having some problems with my hard disk..and i cant use photoshop because the windows start stoping and sometimes it gives me the blue Screen lol :S..but im almost buying a new see you later ppl!
Bueno ahora mismo he estado inventando mayormente con photomanipulacion y cosas asi tambien he creado unos cuantos diseños de planetas para variar :)..espero que les gusten :)


Well now im trying with photo-manipulation and i made some planets designs so i hope you like them :)
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